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First batch of V2 on its way - sign up for yours now

We have ordered all the parts to send out samples of the Infinity Sensor V2. We will be including high-voltage sealant and short SMA tails (cables) in the pack.

It will take us a week or two to test these, to check if this batch behaves the same as the prototypes. We'll then issue a draft datasheet. If all goes well, by the end of May, we will be ready to send out samples.

We'll keep you up to date on our progress via this blog.

If you have signed up to receive samples, we'll be sending you a link to the University of Bristol's online shop, where you'll be able to buy your samples.

If you would like samples, but you have not signed up yet, then please go to to sign up. You will be asked to sign a liability-release form, and to fill out an online form.

Take care,

Infinity Sensor

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